Appendix 3: In-Depth Study Reports

All in-depth studies are being published as part of the Global Impact Study Research Report series. Visit

The Impact of Cybercafés on the Connectedness of Children Left Behind by Overseas Filipino Workers

How do cybercafés function as a means for maintaining familial connectedness, in particular for families divided by migration? Philippines.

The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies at Libraries on Sustainable Livelihood Strategies and Outcomes in Botswana

What is the impact of ICT availability in public libraries on the livelihood strategies of public access users? Botswana.

Infomediaries: Brokers of Public Access

How does the role of infomediaries affect the outcomes for public access venue users? Bangladesh, Chile, and Lithuania.

Perceptions of Value for Public Access to Information and Communication Technology in Five Countries: A Mixed Method Benefit-Cost Analysis Approach for Informing Policy

How willing are different types of users to pay for public access? Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, Philippines.

Public Access, Private Mobile: The Interplay of Shared Access and the Mobile internet for Teenagers in Cape Town

If everyone carries a private information device in their pocket, is there still a need to provide public access to information technology? South Africa.

Understanding and Rethinking Shared Access: How People Collaborate and Share Knowledge and Technologies in Ghanaian Cybercafés

What are the forms of collaborative co-present sharing in cybercafés, as well as their advantages and disadvantages? Ghana.

The Value of Non-Instrumental Computer Use: Skills Acquisition, Self-Confidence, and Community-based Technology Teaching

Are there are objective differences in the generic computer skills of gamers as opposed to “serious” users? Brazil.


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